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Young Montenegrins and Albanians in Raspberry Crops

Young Montenegrins and Albanians in Raspberry Crops

Grant beneficiaries

Total EU grant: 230,467.30 €
Total project value: 271,138.00 €
Project duration: 18 months

Expected results of the project:

  • New jobs created in the cross-border area in the agricultural sector and new producers registered;
  • Established access to trainings for the raspberry cultivation;
  • Improved cooperation among producers in Montenegro and Albania;
  • Population in the cross-border area and target municipalities informed about the production of the raspberries in the area with strong visibility campaign.

Target groups

  • 40 young unemployed persons;
  • 20 final year high school students;
  • family members;
  • Local governments in Montenegro and Albania.

Project area

  • Municipality of Petnjica, Montenegro;
  • Municipality of Vau Dejes, Albania.

Impact of the project

Providing new ideas for economic and rural development in Montenegro and Albania in agricultural sector and decrease unemployment rates on a local level. Raspberry crops, equipment and trainings will be provided to the unemployed persons, which will lead to the increase in income for local families.


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