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The “Feminine Side” of Quality

The “Feminine Side” of Quality

Grant beneficiaries

Total EU grant: 284,357.81 €
Total project value: 334,538.60 €
Project duration: 18 months

Expected results of the project:

  • Enhanced chances for employability of women;
  • Enhanced capacities of women;
  • Increased support for women;
  • Increase of labour intensive and economic initiatives;
  • Integration of cross border labour markets;
  • Local authority involved working in the realization of common instruments, facilitating the process of promotion of women’s work and products in cross-border areas.

Target groups

  • Unemployed women;
  • Rural community:
  • Relevant businesses (hotels, restaurants, markets);
  • Local authorities and other relevant institutions.

Project area

  • Municipality of Ulcinj, Montenegro;
  • Region of Lezha, Albania.

Impact of the project

Contribute to the employability of women, especially those from the rural areas, by using agricultural potential of the two countries.


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