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Disasters do not know borders

Disasters do not know borders

Grant beneficiaries

Total EU grant: 410,900.00 €
Total project value: 483,538.35 €
Project duration: 24 months

Expected results of the project:

  • Technical and personnel capacity of institutions and services dealing with protection and rescue improved;
  • Capacities for forecasting and early warning system and cross-border cooperation in this area improved;
  • Population in the cross-border area and target municipalities familiarized with flood protection and rescue and DRR;
  • Cooperation between protection and rescue units and institutions from Albania and Montenegro improved.
  • Institutions and services in charge of protection and rescue from Albania and Montenegro familiarized with the best EU practice in flood protection and rescue;

Target groups

  • Employees of the municipal protection and rescue units;
  • Employees of the national institutions for protection and rescue;
  • Montenegrin Directorate for Emergency Management;
  • Albanian General Directorate of Civil Emergencies;
  • Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro;
  • Institute of Hydrometeorology of Albania;
  • Employees of the Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro and the Institute of Hydrometeorology of Albania;
  • Local authorities of target municipalities;
  • Citizens reached by awareness raising campaign and tourists;
  • Youth – primary and secondary school students.

Project area

  • Municipalities Podgorica, Bar and Ulcinj in Montenegro;
  • Region of Shkodra in Albania

Impact of the project

Improving protection of the people and the target area from hazards, in the first place floods, through capacity building, awareness raising and cross-border cooperation in disaster risk reduction.


Training and exercise for rescue services from Montenegro and Albania

Within the project Disasters do not know borders, implemented by FORS Montenegro, Prefecture of Shkodra and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro, Directorate for Emergency Situations, a cross-border demonstration exercise


The Directorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the Foundation for the Development of the North (FORS Montenegro) since April 17, 2018, started the implementation