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Child Friendly Tourism in the Cross Border Region

Child Friendly Tourism in the Cross Border Region

Grant beneficiaries

Total EU grant: 216,592.82 €
Total project value: 257,848.60 €
Project duration: 24 months

Expected results of the project:

  • Representatives of tourism industry and CSO’s from cross border region are educated and interconnected on development of new offer in community based tourism;
  • Tourist association, CSOs and other key tourism stakeholders in developing Child Friendly Tourism developed joint package of new touristic offer;
  • Joint activities focused on developing Child Friendly Tourism offer as innovative tourist products in cross border region are promoted.

Target groups

  • organizations in tourism industry;
  • civil society organizations;
  • households;
  • local administration units;
  • media;
  • tourists;
  • International associates/experts.

Project area

  • Municipalities Ulcinj, Bar, Podgorica, Rožaje, Montenegro;
  • Shkodra and Lezha regions, Albania.

Impact of the project

Encourage child friendly tourism offer to contribute to improving standards of the cross border area between MNE-AL. Enhance economic valorisation of potentials in cross border area between MNE-AL through promotion and launch of joint tourism product based on child friendly concept and inter-sectorial cooperation.


In the organization of the operational structures of the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program Montenegro-Albania 2014-2020, formal grant award ceremony for the selected projects for funding under the 1st CfP of