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Green Lands

Green Lands

Grant beneficiaries

Total EU grant: 399,215.22 €
Total project value: 469,816.92 €
Project duration: 30 months

Expected results of the project:

  • The technical capacity of institutions dealing with environment issues in target region is strengthened;
  • The level of awareness of citizens in cross border region regarding the benefits of proper waste collection is improved;
  • A functioning system of differentiated waste collection in target region is established.

Target groups

  • The citizens of the Municipalities of Berane and Malesi e Madhe;
  • Public institutions and NGO sector involved in the environmental protection and waste collection sector in Montenegro and Albania.

Project area

  • Municipality of Berane, Montenegro;
  • Municipality of Malesi e Madhe, Albania.

Impact of the project

Establishment of an efficient and integrated waste collection system in the Municipalities of Berane and Malesi e Madhe, so to contribute to a better environmental protection and constant involvement of different actors. Working on the implementation of actions on differentiated waste collection, recycling and reduction of waste at individual and public level will be a concrete approach in changing the attitude of citizens and institutions towards their present problems of waste and pollution.


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